Native Art and Artifacts from Around the world

This is a Mask worn by elders of a native american tribe known as the 'Haida'. The culture of the Haida was very dependent on costumes and tools. Their art was heavily based on mythic animals
This is a plate carved into a sedimentary rock called argillite by an unknown haida. The Haida are a Native American Tribe from the Salish Sea
This is a Kakadu Rock painting of a hunter and an emu. The Kakadu paintings depict animals they hunted, like emus and fish, or cultural ceremonies preformed by the tribe. Painting was a form of story
This image depicts Boadicea, the queen of the Iceni leading the Icenians to battle against the Roman Empire. The Iceni were a Celtic Tribe from England.
An Ulu is a Knife used by inuit women to cut meat.
This is a Bead Apron Worn by Married Zulu Women in cultural ceremonies and events.
This photo depicts A kenyan tribal dance, the dancers are all wearing a very specific cultural garment
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