7 elements of art

Painting's showing line, shape, color, value, form, texture and space.

This painting show's line by having straight lines, curvy lines and lines that are all different shapes. This painting also shows lots of colors.
This painting shows shape. The painting shows shape because the way the gate, fence and hills are shaped. This painting shows lots of darker colors but, also includes some light colors like yellow and white.
This painting shows color. It shows color because it has lots of color including yellow, red, orange and brown. The tree stumps are the color white.
This painting shows value. It shows value because the lights from the street cars is yellow. The buildings are blue, brown, black and a dark red.
This painting shows space because the trees in the front are big and the trees and the mountains in the back are small.
This painting shows texture because the flower petals have texture. The artist made the flower petals look like they have texture because the brush went over the petals kind of lightly.
This sculpture shows form. It shows form because it is 3d. It also shows form because it forms the jug. The sculpture has gold and a type of glass.
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