Types of lines

This gallery includes examples of the different kinds of lines there are in art including contour lines, straight lines, and 3D lines. 

This painting is cool because it is black and white which makes it simple but it has a background and foreground. You can tell what the shape is but the more you look at it the more you see in it.
I liked this painting because it has very defined lines with a bunch of colors in between. At first it looks abstract but then you see what is going on within the defined lines.
I like artwork because it is simple at the first look. It just looks like the outline of a head but when you zoom in, it has a bunch of different lines that make it complicated and intriguing.
I like this painting because it is complex but it doesn't have a ton of different lines. The lines are relatively straight but they each have different values and thicknesses.
This painting has a lot of different lines in it. It has contour, curved, and straight lines and they all have different thicknesses and depths.
This painting has a lot of straight lines. The lines are so precise and thought out that it gives the painting a lot of depth and life.
The lines in this art are mostly straight. There aren't a bunch of different lines that make the art abstract but there is till a lot of stuff going on.
I like this painting because the lines are kind of blurred and sophisticated. There are a lot of different lines and it makes the painting complex and interesting.
The lines in the piece of art are actually h letters of the alphabet. The lines are mostly straight but some of them are curved.
The lines in this piece of art range in values and thickness. Some of the lines are straight and some of them are contour.
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