MOISe by michael angelo

Sophie Yi & Adynn cleary

This carving is important to the renaissance era because of it's realism. This carving is very focused on the human body.
This drawing shows the work of Michelangelo most likely practicing hands and the way the muscles look.
This drawing shows an older man resting his head on a wall and looking towards something that we can't see. The curled hair and shape of face is very realistic.
This carving is of a very realistic man standing upon a rock. This man is flexing his muscles which is another thing Michelangelo studied.
This drawing is colorless, but includes much detail. It is a very realistic scene.
This drawing is of Saint Michael fighting a dragon. The way Saint Michael's body is posed is very realistic and shows that Michelangelo was very skilled in realism.
This painting is The Torment of Saint Anthony. This picture is of Saint Anthony on a horse probably about to go fight his enemies.
This picture is of Saint George fighting a small green dragon. You can see that he has defeated the dragon because of the way it is drawn on the floor.
This picture is of many ladies dancing under what seems like a flying baby. This might represent a god.
This picture is of men on a boat and fishing. Their poses are very realistic.
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