Principles review

Balance. This is radical balance because there is a middle point where it is symmetrical outward from that point.
Repetition. This is repetition because it has a continuous pattern that is the same.
Emphasis. This is emphasis because the focus of the painting is on the building, because it is in the center.
Contrast. This is contrast because the leaves on the tree are orange while the sky in the background is a bright blue, which are contrast colors.
Variety. This shows variety because the artist painted people, plants, and houses in all different sizes and colors.
Movement. This is movement because it leads you to believe that the people in the painting will come to life at any given time and begin moving.
Proportion. This is proportion because it is comparing the size of the town and the buildings to the people
Unity. This artwork is unity because, since it is depicting a town, it is required to have buildings, the sky, and people together.
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