The significance of line in the history of art.

This Gallery will take you through a variety of line drawn pictures showing you the significance of line in the history of art.         - Vivek Sharma 4662827

Our first picture here shows us beautiful line art using cross contouring and hatching techniques to bring out the lady.
Here's the same techniques as the first applied to a landscape.
This artist beautifully captures the emotion and expression of the humans in this beautiful artwork, all by the power of line art.
As you can see line work in different directions/distance between lines, using imaginary lines to create figures all with basic line work is possible.
Even Shen Zhou the famous Chinese painter from the Ming Dynasty used lines in some of his best works.
Here you can see how basic lines along with imaginary lines can shape out an entire scene.
Needless to say this is a piece that depicts a well known scene using line form of art.
Beautiful patterning using line art.
Now we're starting to see improvement in the quality of line art. Here the artist combines the techniques from earlier and combines them with even more stippling techniques.
Even designs for Quatrefoils were sketched out using line art on paper!
Line art to represent one of the most iconic figures in American history.
Historic moment captured greatly by line art.
Even Dong Yuan used line art in his work as long ago as the early 900 ADs!
Here's a very detailed landscape in basic line art forms.
Here's some of the concepts you saw earlier all applied to animals!
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