A collection of both portraits and self-portraits that I find so beautiful, so different.... so intriguing and unique. There's just something about them I love.

I adore this piece. Its so unique and mysteriously odd and quirky. The figure stands out strong and bold, looking as though he is aware you're staring at him, intrigued and wonderfully curious.
Out of Van Gogh's other self-portraits, there's something about this one that I find so emotional and intriguing. The range of color and paint used in this piece is mind-blowing. His eyes show so much deep emotion and his worrisome expression adds to the intensity of emotional content.
While this may appear to just be a sketchy, simple self-portrait, I find it so wonderful and "real" in a way. Rockwell has a slight smirk which leads me to wonder what is causing this satisfied and pleased look.
The first thing that came to mind when I saw this portrait? Prince Charming. He has the most charming and youthful beauty that would surely catch the eye of numerous ladies. He's just, well, lovely.
I don't know why or what it is, but this painting, the way he's sitting and the how his surroundings are set up in the back ground and the lighting, there's just something about it I love so dearly. The detail and realistic quality of the overall composition reels me in looking for more.
I find myself doing exactly what I believe this dear boy is doing in this piece: day dreaming about what could come. Wishing I could go to that city, or buy all of those clothes, or be that successful. Have love. For him, I'm sure he's thinking more along the lines of, "Why can't I have a puppy? Mommy and Daddy said no to the lion, so why not a puppy? I wish I could go play with my friends and fly kites today."
"Oh the cleverness of me!" -Peter Pan I just find him to have such a youthful, energetic, fun-filling quality about him even though his position is still and there just isn't much action. I can just see him jumping around pulling all of the painter's items out in the studio asking "Oooh, what is this peculiar thing, sir? OH! And look over there! Can I play with that? Or, excuse me-MAY i play with that?" in a sarcastic and scheming tone. He looks like he could take off, like he's Peter Pan forced to dress up and stand still, which is not who he is.
I can't help but look to his face and at his tired, weary eyes. He must be going through something major and important or awful. His blank stare, drooping frown, boney face,and longing eyes give this a very distressed vibe.
She is the a little wall flower at the garden party. While every one else is socializing, dancing, or whatever it is they're doing, she sits on the side in the flowers, pulling the petals off of a flower one by one saying "He loves me.. He loves me not.. He loves me... He loves me not.."
Her dress literally gives of the same effect as a glow stick. Is she the center of attention, or is it the masterfully painted and created gown she wears?
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