Beautiful hiddin meanings

I chose to make this my title because within each piece it has pictures that are creating a meaning within the artwork. By: Gavin Fuchs

It was an untraditional dinner bell because it wasn't made of silver or other metals. This was created in Europe by Johann Gregor Horoldt. It was created by Meissen Porcelain Manufacturing. It is showing the peace in the world by the animals looking free and having bright lively colors
This vessel shows suprise and irritation like "guerrilla tactics." In the vessel it has a group of people who are looking like they are worried or being judged by their looks. In the vessel it shows how people are in small groups just like guerrilla tactics. This has beautiful craftsmanship because of the detail on the people. This is a very social people because it shows very broadly how people group up.
This vessel is decorated with beauty and violence. This shows the many emotions of fighting. It has children who look lost and people protesting. This shows what people are growing up in and the emotions thy might be feeling.
This is a beautiful piece that can be used as a tea table or decoration. It has beautiful stained wood with gold railings and finishing pieces. The porcelain has perfectly spaced flowers surrounding the big flower in the middle.
Credits: All media
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