Jessie Gao


I saw this painting in Hong Kong Art Museum in April. It is painted using ink in Chinese style. It shows the artist had stong homesick and he loves his own country and his city.I was touched by this painting maybe because I am a Chinese that left my hometown just like the artist.
This painting is very realistic and it shows the movement of the sea and the cloud by using different colors to show the huge waves in the sea and the dark clouds.
This painting is very realistic. The artist had painted the shadows of the table, the ball and the small rock on the table very well. It's a very 3-dimensional artwork.
This oil painting shows the waves of the sea mixing white, yellow, brown, blue, green and orange. It's a very fantastic artwork for landscapes using oil painting, I think.
This picture is painted in a very free style. Maybe the artist used some very small paint brushes to make dots in white, black dark blue and light blue. The artist mixed the three colors using that and formed the beautiful snowing picture.
Credits: All media
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