Grandma's attic

My grandmother was one of the biggest influences in my childhood. Her deep love for Jesus and seeing the good in everyone has made me the person I am today. She loved art, especially pictures depicting nature and biblical stories. She had many pieces of art in her home, my most favorite in the room I slept in when I stayed with her. It was a portrait of Mary holding Jesus right after his birth with a look of love you only see on mothers.

This piece caught my eye mainly due to the deep colors and the almost mystical appearance of the church. I can see this piece in my grandmother's front room. The deep blue of the sky immediately catches your eye and can start a conversation. My grandmother would find a way to invite the person to church as she was telling them about what drew her to this piece. The church itself appears to hold mystery and history. I picture it full of stories.
A family eating together is one of the most influential traditions you can instill in a child's life. By adding Jesus into the mealtime tradition, you are able to influence them even further. The little girl standing behind the chair has a look of pure aggrivation on her face, but I can imagine Jesus telling her softly to sit down and listen to a story that he has to tell. From this piece the family appears to be poor, and froms the looks of the table they appear to only have soup for dinner. I can see Jesus sitting down with them, holding hands and praying, and bread and meat appearing on everyone's plates. Pieces such as this one give you hope, help you look for the better in bad situations, but also add a little chuckle by the expressions on the little girl's face.
I chose this piece because I've always had a fascination with stained glass. The way they depict stories and are placed in such ways that the sunlight casts rainbows on the ground on sunny days, amazes me. This also reminds me of the stained glass window that was beside the pew my family sat on for church growing up.
I collect crosses and would love to have this one in my home. The depiction of the Jesus' crusifiction is extremely drawing at first glance. Then as you examine the piece, it makes you wonder if maybe the cross was buried near an old Italian church. I wonder what stories it holds of its previous owners.
The story of the departure of the Israelites is such a powerful, touching story, that to see in print, gives me chills. The artist is able to depict the sorrow after the death of Joseph and truely depicts the Exodus. The deep colors of crimson and orange appear to represent the struggles of the Israelites as they are kicked out of their homes and forced into exile.
There are few people who are not touched by the navitiy story. In this piece, the admiration on the faces of the angels touches you to the core. They appear to be glowing at the site of the savior and the promises of his life. The deep colors and details make this piece very appealing to the eye. I can see this piece hanging in my grandmother's bedroom, right over her bed. The angels would appear to be watching over her also.
As with the nativity, the entombment of Christ is a story and vision that stirs emotions. The lack of color in this piece brings the sentiment of that day even further. There was nothing to celebrate that day in the eyes of the disciples and Mary. The artist was able to portray the dispair and grief very vividly in this piece. It draws you in and makes you take a step back and really study how the followers of Christ felt that day.
I chose this piece because of something my grandmother used to tell me. She always told stories of how amazing it must have been to be a follower when Jesus walked the earth. The artist of this piece portrayed the admiration of the followers with their upturned gazes and the use of just black and white.
This is one piece that I chose for myself. I have two daughters and I love the feeling I get when I see this piece. The two girls in this portrait remind me of my girls, with my oldest always reading and my youngest never without a baby doll. I've always been a fan of this period of history. The colors and layout of the room remind me of my favorite movie, Pollyanna.
Bluebonnets were one of my grandmother's favorite flowers. She told me stories of laying in fields of bluebonnets when she was younger, looking up at the sky, and daydreaming of her future. I love how the artist was able to make the blues such a close match to the actual flowers.
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