Exploring Street Art

Each picture that you look at has a question that I want you to consider and do your best to answer. It could be an effective use of an art element(s) & principle of design(s) or could be asking you what the artist might be trying to communicate through their artwork. Record as many notes as possible. 

What two art elements are most prevalent. Describe one principle of design you notice?
What is the benefit in having a limited palate?
Describe ways that the artist is creating SPACE in this piece.
What is Banksy trying to communicate with this statement?
How does adding text in a piece of work change the way we look at it?
Describe the benefits of creating a color scheme.
Describe which art elements are most noticeable as well as one principle of design.
What are the benefits of using and repeating a popular image?
Compare the two images on each building and respond with what Shepard Fairey is trying to communicate.
Credits: All media
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