Quarter 4 activity points

A gallery of interesting photos from World War I

This image shows a number of dead bodies on a battlefield. What I like about this picture is the way that the black and white affects the mood. To me, the smokey sky is representative of the dark cloud that hung over the countries fighting in the war. While the photographer could not have planned for the sky to look like that, I think that it was smart of him to include it in the picture.
This painting shows British soldiers in trenches near Cambrai. I was always interested in life in the trenches, which is why I chose this picture. I like how the artist was able to capture how crowded it was in the trenches.
This painting shows a German cruiser sinking during the Battle of the Falkland Islands. I think that the painting is very detailed and I especially like how the artist blended the colors at the spot where the ship is splashing into the water. This color grabbed my attention because it is right in the center of the painting and stands out from the dull blues and grays around it.
This is a picture of a British recruitment poster. I found it similar to the American "I Want You" campaign featuring Uncle Sam. The people who made this poster wanted to associate war with good and honorable men. This is why the poster features a strong, good-looking young man standing patriotically in front of a British flag. The government knew that nationalist ideals and a want for the same lifestyle as the man in the poster would attract men to join the ranks.
This picture shows a soldier making a cross to bury or perhaps just honor one of his fallen comrades. It is touching that a soldier would take time to make that for someone that he fought alongside of, especially because they were most likely not able to recover the body of the dead soldier. This embodies the camaraderie that the soldiers shared with those fighting for the same cause. This was true on both sides of the battlefield.
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