Action and War

For this sample gallery, it consists mostly of war time photographs and paintings, whether it be before the war, after the war, or during a war. Most of the art pieces deal with action, which is the theme that this art gallery represents. Each piece has some aspect of war in it whether it be good, bad, or courageous.

In this piece, a trumpet player during a war is presented. Throughout wars in history, musicians were very courageous as they would stand on the front line sometimes without even a weapon, and play their instrument to boost morale of the soldiers. 
This photograph is during the Boer War where the Africans fought back against British Rule for their independence. In the photograph, very brave soldiers are depicted as they are holding their stance on what appears to be a hill
In this painting, Mars has returned from war, and his soul mate Venus is disarming him as if to say enough is enough, no more fighting. The figure Mars is a very courageous one as he is one of the main figures in some mythical or cultural wars.
In this painting, a man has seemed to have murdered someone as a figure is covered in a pile of rocks. As the figure is reaching up for help, the man lifts another rock to put on top of the person, and the overall painting gives off a very dark and gloomy sense which there are always dark and gloomy aspects in war
In this painting, people are preparing for a siege of a courtyard. Sieges have gone on through almost every war as people try to take over land or gain strong holds in hostile territory. The scene depicts the bravery required to make a siege, as they are very costly and deadly to soldiers attempting to overrun a caste, or structure.
Credits: All media
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