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In 1968 Chicago experienced a political breakdown when delegates came to the city to elect the next presidential candidate. There were riots breaking everywhere between the police, and protestors in the city of Chicago. For Democrats it was a disaster to be in Chicago. This lasted for 8 days. Gallery, Created By: Zackery Logan

In this Image there is a picture of a police officer with "Shoot-to-kill" Daley. This was a famous line because Mayor Daley issued that any arsonist, or anyone with a Molotov cocktail be shot. This image was after Dr. Martin Luther King was Assassinated and more riots broke out.
Here is a Chicago Police riot helmet used in the riots taken place in 1968 over the presidential candidates. As you see here you can see the glass on the helmet scratched, and scuffed up from the action the police officer was in trying to get everyone under control.
In this picture this shows a photograph of city attorney Richard Elrod who got injured in the riots. Elrod hit his head and broke his neck. He suffered from partially being paralyzed. This here shows a perspective of how violent these riots were.
What you see here is a picture of a protester wearing a Hubert H. Humphrey mask used to make jokes of the convention. Humphrey was a democratic presidential candidate running for office at the time. None of the protestors like him as he was a democrat. The mask looks horrifying and does not look like Humphrey at all, it seems to signifies Humphrey as a bad person.
Although there were many people ready to riot the streets this man was not. He knew riots were coming and wanted this to end so he sat outside Civic Center Plaza in Chicago to end it. Minutes after the riots started to happen. This signifies my gallery well to show when and where the riots started.
These Flyers were handed out during the Chicago 8 trial to stop riots from happening. On the flyer it shows what the penalty is for rioting if you do not stop. This was also used to get the support of the eighth men on trial. This image shows what they were trying to do to help calm down and stop the riots.
Here is one of the most famous pictures of the Chicago riots. What you see here are anti war demonstrators, protestors, and citizens rioting because they showed the riots on TV and the day after they began to riot on Michigan Avenue. By showing the riots on TV these brought even more disaster to the streets of Chicago.
Here are protestors, protesting at John A Logan statue in Grant park Chicago. The riots started to tone down into battle over turf. This is what led to the battle of Balbo, and neared the end of protests in Chicago.
The battle of Balbo was not a riot. It was a protest to name the street after Balbo. Balbo was an Italian air minister who flew to Chicago for the Century of progress exposition. This was a fair used to Commemorate Chicagos pasts. The street was shortly named after Balbo Drive.
Here is a picture of buldings being burned down after Marin Luther King was assassinated. This occured after the riots settled down.Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis TN.
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