Sea-renity in Chaos

This theme depicts ocean swells, and storms powerful yet beautiful. However chaotic the ocean is or can be it appears to slow or even stop time, making the power and chaos seem slow moving and serene. The sea can be rough it can be beautiful but no matter what it can always be calming. 

This beautiful painting depicts whalers braving rough and chaotic seas in an effort to get the catch of a lifetime. The shear scale of the whale tale vs the small boat of whalers is immense. Although all the drama in the painting the birds seem calm, coasting in the wind effortlessly. The surge of the sea can be viewed as a rhythmic rocking.
This painting depicts a pier and a few ships sailing in windy seas during a storm. the wind coming in from the left blowing strong. The tone is dark presumably from the storm. I found this one hard to relate to my theme, however if you look closely at the 2 people walking on the pier you notice they are walking in unison and seemingly slow not running or off balance. They seem calm in all the chaos around them.
This painting depicts a ship in rough seas near a lighthouse. Onlookers pointing at the listing vessel listing in the waves worried it may capsize. The background is gloomy and cloudy except where the ship is heading. Almost as if the its the calm before the storm, fitting into my theme.
This painting depicts a large wave at its peak. Cresting on a cloudy day. The use of the color white for the breaking of the water shows its power and movement. It looks like an overcast day possibly in the winter months. This one fits my theme for the simple reason that standing on the beach listening and watching the ocean and these waves would be a calming moment. Perhaps the artist was attempting to capture his calm place.
This painting depicts a man rowing a small boat in rough seas. He is at the crest of the wave and though everything around him seems rough and chaotic, he is at a moment of rest about to have gravity help him for a moment. The artist uses color to simulate movement here with whites being the break of the surges.
Red sky at night sailers delight red sky in the morning sailors warning. This is the quintessential piece for that saying. It depicts a large and small vessel listing in the large waves with a sunrise or sunset in the background. Having been on a large ship. The moment when you list as far as you can you have a moment of weightlessness. There is just something so calming about this sunset making it fit my theme.
This painting depicts ships near the coast watching as another wrecks on the rocks below a fortress. The whites used here portray movement and devastation on the water. There are people on the shore some even throwing their hands up to the lord and the beautiful rays of light as if accepting the fate before them fitting my theme of serenity in chaos.
This painting depicts to ships sailing near the coast in rough seas. The one in the back listing from the waves. The artist uses the scale of the rocks to give you a feel for the size of the ships and their sails. It fits my theme because though the waves are rough and the wind is blowing hard the sun in the background is still shining bright with a hint of sunset in the backdrop.
Probably the most chaotic piece of my theme. This painting depicts very rough seas crashing on the shore, with pices of a ship in its midst. The waves break so hard they mist high into the sky. Through all the chaos and power there are a couple of birds flying in the lower right seemingly ignorant to the chaos just flying as it it were any other day, fitting it into my theme.
This painting depicts several fishing boats in mild seas. The overall tone of the piece is dark and gloomy. The sea looks rough to a point. The sky is nice and blue but cloudy. This one fits the theme due to the pattern of the waves. Not too big but not too small the waves are rhythmic. This would be a calming motion.
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