Nepal/Pakistan Culture: Nathan Cantor

I figured this was representative of Pakistan's culture because it's an image of someone working on a radio broadcast from Pakistan.
I thought this would be cool to include because this fort--built in 1 CE--lies in Pakistan. It's an excellent example of ancient Pakistani architecture.
I thought this would be interesting to include since even in Pakistan Buddha is worshipped in many different forms. This shows him wearing less elaborate clothing than the previous statues.
This is a phatphatiya, or phatphat. It was a mode of transportation built out of Harley-Davidson motorcycles to form a sort of rickshaw.
I thought this would be good to include because it shows a group of men at the New Delhi Conference, where India was partitioned into India as we know it today and Pakistan.
This is a figurine of a Buddhist monk. Generally in media monks are shown as being super rad martial artists, but they're just holy men who happen to practice martial arts. Nepal has many of them!
This Buddha head was found in Nepal, showing that Buddhism or at least Hinduism is prevalent in the entire area around India, and not just India itself.
Umamaheshvara is the term used to describe Shiva, God of Destruction, and his family. Like the slide prior, this shows Hinduism is found in the entire South Asian subcontinent.
I can only assume this is a tourist and his sherpa guide. Sherpas are an ethnic group who make livings guiding people up Mount Everest. It's a very interesting sort of job!
This is a fantastic photo of Mount Everest, the largest mountain in the world located right in Nepal! Many people have attempted to scale it, but not everyone has made it to the peak...
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