This period of art started in Florence and ended the medieval period. This type of art was to show humanism, as well as cultural movement. Most art were created with oil paint, concrete, and sometimes metal. The artist of this time period were mainly made up of polymaths.

This painting explains each different person in a separate section by a different type of animal or object.
Shows Christ getting pulled down off of the cross into the arms of his mother and with multiple other loved ones surrounding him.
Showing how Jesus Christ works and how he helps these fisherman with nets full of fish.
Showing Jesus Christ standing alongside the Jordan River after being born again.
Adam and Eve stand next to one another without much personality's more blunt type of work.
Saint George racing back to the village to slay a dragon and prove that he is a Christian.
The rough living in the country, men farming and the women are cooking. Shows how life was in the country.
The Faun awaits for his wife and two children to return as he shows off the lion killed that evening.
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