I have always been fascinated with any piece of art that depicts a woman in all her power and strength. Women have come a long way; from the typical stay at home mom and wife to the CEO of a major corporation. Women have overcome obstacles that many find hard to bare. This gallery shows all women of different backgrounds, their beauty and strength. This is my salute to all the women in the world from different time periods.

This piece of art represents the hard work and dedication the women had to endure during World War II; taking the place of man. The artist captures Mrs. Loftus in all her working glory. The artist emphasizes on her and her machine also using square coloring as colors are even
I interpret this piece of art as if a woman can be whatever it is that wants. Women are abused, mistreated and hurt everyday. The artist shows the power of woman. There is elements of lines rounded and many colors to show the differences of woman.
This piece depicts women in a day care putting the uniforms on the children. They strength and patience these women had to endure were beyond words. The artist goes for a proportioned look; everything in it place with square coloring. Colors are bright depicting the mood of the children and its location.
This masterpiece is a portrait of an African American woman showing of natural beauty with cornrows running down her head. The artist depicts rounded line work with analogous colors having a kind of gradient feel to it. It is also very proportioned and works well in the canvas; beautiful and classy.
The king of pop art, Andy Warhol, here has a mother and her daughter with their long and classy necks. They are beautiful confident women. The mom is over her daughter to show protection of a mother with her child. This art is using saturation. You can see the skin is very light but the hair is extremely dark. Also, between both ladies there is a translated symmetry.
The artist shows an African American woman at the kariokor market selling. See a hard working woman sacrificing to help her family. The power of a woman are love and sacrifice. There is movement in the art you can see with clouds around her. Also, there is rounded lines with the colors are bright and pop out to the viewer.
This is quite magnificent. The women are bathing and playing innocently while splashing each other. It is a very beautiful painting. The artist captures natural beauty in all in glory. It is depicted in a rotated symmetrical angle where the focus is the woman. There is also organic elements with the flowers and trees.
The artist shares a portrait of a beautiful woman with her dog. The woman looks happy enjoying her life. The colors are vibrant and catches the eye quite easily. The artist emphasizes on her and her dog and the background colors are stupendous. Very cool colored and bright.
This artist painted an aristocratic woman. You can tell she was high class by her clothing and hairstyle. She is with her son and shows the bond between mom and boy. The artist went for a textures element and you can see in her dress. This painting is also very bold and emphasizes on the mom and son.
This painting is close and dear to my heart. This also shows the bond time between mom and daughter. Doing my daughter’s hair has always brought me close to her. Same as when my mom did it also. You can see the love and can pictures the conversations that her mother had with the little girl. The painting is proportioned and very cool colored.
Credits: All media
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