the soul of byzantium

The Byzantine empire had a huge impact on the world of art due to their preservation of Greek culture, religious icons, and the preservation of the territories they conquered. The Byzantines focused a great deal on preserving Greek culture this led them to create a lot of greek inspired art. Their religious art also helped spread christianity to places such as Russia. Art would not be the same today and we would not have the same knowledge we have if the Byzantine empire had not preserved the art it did.

This Byzantine coin is significant because it shows the wealth of the Byzantine empire. It also shows the power and wealth of the emporer. He is carved into the coin.
This jar is significant because it shows how the Byzantines tried to preserve Greek culture. This is a Greek styled jar made more ornate due to the lavishness of the Byzantines.
This helmet represent the military might of the Byzantine empire. the Byzantines were very focused on conquest and domination of lesser civilizations. The helmet symbolizes their strength.
This statue shows how the Byzantine empire tried to preserve and replicate the Greek culture.
This sculpture of a Byzantine emperor is significant because it shows the power of the emperors. They were wealthy and powerful enough to have themselves sculpted.
This piece of Egyptian art is significant to the Byzantines because the Byzantine empire controlled Egypt. This piece is an example of the glory and might of the Byzantine empire.
This Islamic coin is significant to the Byzantine empire because Islam had a big influence on the Byzantine empire. It was an Islamic empire that eventually toppled the Byzantines.
This religious icon has huge significance to the Byzantine empire. The Byzantines were highly influenced by christianity. The eastern orthodox church was formed due to controversy over icons.
Mosaics were very popular in the Byzantine empire. This was is especially important because it is of a Greek godess. This mosaic shows the Byzantines preserving Greek culture.
This Russsian christian icon is significant to the Byzantine empire because Russia adopted christianity after one of their czars visited the city of constantinople.
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