My gallery was focused/based on nature. I've always been fascinated by nature in real life, so why not see how it has been portrayed in art? It's really been interesting. I've seen how an artist can create depth, texture, and light. I've seen how a story can be woven into the work, and i've seen realistic-ness come from short brush strokes that ** close would seem like nothing at all. I've really learned a lot, and I'm glad that I've had this tool available for me to use.

We're starting to learn about China in history, and how they made nature paintings, so I decided to start off with a picture similar to what we're learning. I guess all the information is included at the top, so I won't include that in my description. Besides relevance to my history class, I chose this piece because I like the colors and design. This piece includes a lot of colors, if you look at it closely. Another interesting thing is that at the top are warm colors, like in the shrimp and fish, and as you go down, the colors become cool. I thought that was an interesting setup.
I thought this piece was really cool. It's got a lot of symbolism in it. When Adam and Eve sinned, they were no longer perfect, and so they had to leave the perfect Garden of Eden. They left into a world of sin, suffering, and overall, death. I thought that is what makes this piece so interesting. Adam and Eve leave the bright, beautiful Garden of Eden on the left. Everything is growing, peaceful, and alive. They leave this sanctuary and enter into a horrible world of death. The trees are dying and being blown over by a strong wind. The sky is dark, poisoned by the smoke of a fire in the background. A wolf lurks in the brush, watching them. They most certainly made the wrong choice.
This piece was on the page as soon as I opened it, and it fits with my theme, so I thought, why not? There's a lot going on in this piece. It seems like there is a battle going on between the big cats and the centaurs. I thought this piece was interesting for a few reasons. First of all, I think that it is really cool that artists can create such detail in mosaics even though they're just made ** of colored squares. Second of all, I thought it was interesting how the artist took a real thing, the cats, and a fake thing, the centaurs, and put them together to create a visual story. But it leaves the viewer, at least me, with a few questions. Why would the two species fight? Why would they choose to do it here? Where is "here?"
I thought this piece was beautiful. Using only a few colors, the artist manages to create a depiction of a monkey that is surprisingly realistic. Most of the canvas is blank, too. The fur looks so real and fuzzy, I can practically feel it. Also, the orange and the leaves stand out, even though they are mainly in the corner of the picture. I thought the layout of this work was perfect, and the artist did a good job of drawing attention to what he wanted the observer to see.
I really liked this picture. I thought it was really beautiful how the light plays off the rocks and trees. It's very calming and peaceful, I think. I would like to visit a place like this.
I thought this piece was really interesting. It's really chaotic, and it has a lot of strange parts to it. In one part, a boar is just sitting there, like he doesn't even care what's going on. Another interesting thing is that people are strolling and talking in the middle of a hunt. Also, there are women there. I have nothing against that, but at that time, I don't think that was the culture. Anyways, I really liked this chaotic jumble of a boar and bear hunt.
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