Surrealism/Strange artwork

Strange artworks that seem to fit in the category of Surrealism. 

Ox in the middle of a group of women. One woman is holding a baby to the ox??
There's s jelly-human. There's a reptile made up of faces. A person with a house on his head. Head bridge and tree human
Surrealism done by Magritte and he has done other artworks related to Surrealism. A huge fish up beside a house and a hand coming out of the ground
A rooster volcano. Not a lava volcano. Part of a series called '13 attempts to become a rooster'
Abstract. Part of the rooster series
Headless, again in the direction of surrealism Part of the rooster series
Creatures on a bridge.
Fireball Rooster part of the rooster series.
Ball at the bottom of the ocean with mermaids/humans? Execution
Part of the rooster series
Mysterious and strange again. A finger poking out of an egg. Does it imply roosters trying to be humans or vice versa? Part of the rooster series
Ferris wheel of eyes and ears??
Credits: All media
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