Principles of Art

This picture is an example of unity because all of the trees and the road go together, to bring the picture all together. This has a lot of dark colors and is made from a lot of lines. It has value.
This is an example of contrast. The books are all different colors and sizes which makes it contrast. There are colors such as white, black, yellow, and blue. The books are all geometric shapes.
This is an example of repetition. It is a pattern, and has right colors. The yellow and black work together to make it look really trippy. There is an element of space because it has an illusion of depth.
This is an example of emphasis because the main idea is the table and it is the main focus. It is a realistic picture and is made from geometric shapes and lines. It also has another sense of depth.
This is an example of movement. The trees are in line that make it look like there is movement. It has a depth of space and uses value to create a 3D space, and an illusion of movement. It has good form
This is an example of emphasis because the house is the main focus and the river and everything else around it helps focus your eyes on the house. It has many different colors and the texture is unique
This is an example of balance. You could split the picture in half and it would be the same on either side. It is made from lines and geometric shapes. There is not that much color that gives it detail.
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