Art elements

Line- this piece of artwork shows line because it is painted in a lot of strokes or lines in different directions.
Color- I think this piece of artwork shows color because it is made up of a bunch of different colors that flow together to make the final painting of the skiier.
Space- This is space because it is just the girl in the middle, being surrounded by all of the negative space.
Shape- This piece of artwork shows shape because it is made up of squares.
Form- This sculpture shows form because it has things like height, width and depth because it is a 3 dimensional object.
Texture- This shows texture because if you zoom in really close you can see it is is made of little texture objects like stones that give it the look that it has.
Value- I think this drawing shows value because in some spots the color is very light, and in others is is a lot dark, however it is still the same color, just in different tones.
Credits: All media
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