Winter hhs; Chase J

People on ice, including distant buildings and a sled.
This seemed like a nice painting, I like how it is faded with snow.
Maybe painted in Alaska; people skating on ice surrounded by mountains in the midst of snow
Detailed painting of a snow scene.. with buildings, horses on what seems to be a farm
Fits with the Winter because of the cold setting. Cold and dark, with wind and dark buildings..
I thought this one was neat because it looks as if people are training to fight. Looks like the person throwing the punch is using the typical snowman as a punching bag
I like this one because it's dark, with the person, which to me resembles an alien
In the forest, what seems to be a partially sculpted block of ice.
Looks like some sort of a Winter Festival. Children are getting sleigh rides and sliding down hills on sleds. Distant buildings literally covered in snow vs the buildings closest in view.
I chose this one because it's different and I didn't like it. Looks like a poorly painted tree, with people in the background. The colors look messy, too
This one is interesting because of the sky. You can barely see any mountains, and most of the painting is the same shading of blue.
This one is interesting because of the view point. I like how he realistically puts snow where it's supposed to be.
I liked this one because the painter painted a painter. The people look so realistic, and the tree is nice and bright. The snow on the tree and the people seem to be the main focus, and the most effort.
This one is very interesting in my opinion. The trees in the painting is very detailed. Everything is detailed, actually. The addition of the reindeer and the person on the rooftop makes it better too.
The dog and horse seems to stand out, as well as the people. The trees are interestingly shaded, and the person in the dark at first didn't catch my eye. The shadow added made it more realistic.