Catherine Wisniewski

I chose this painting because the people painted look like some sort of royalty because of their clothes and what not. China was under the rule of kings and queens and I think that has shaped them as a country today.
If you've ever seen pictures or observed the plants that grow in china, they're actually extremely beautiful and give China a uniqueness a timelessness.
When I look at this painting, I feel like there's a story that goes with it. The landscape and clouds are so intricate and I feel as if there's a myth or a legend that goes along with it.
This exquisite piece of women's clothing is nothing like we see in the U.S today. This is how many women dress on special holidays and celebrations and I think that greatly reflects the influence those celebrations have on the people.
The dragon is very important to the Chinese people. I've seen pictures of the dragon that people get into and parade around the streets during the Chinese new year and it's very elaborate. It has to hold a very great importance to the people living in China.
This is so cool because I feel like this was in maybe a King or Queen's palace or something. It looks very luxurious and probably was very expensive.
I've never been to China before but I assume that if I were to go there, I would see architecture like this. It looks to have been done very precisely and delicately. Also, it looks very old since it's a small altar so I would assume it's been around for a very very long time.
If you're going to do a gallery about China and you don't include the great wall are you even doing it right? Obviously this is a very important piece of architecture since it was built several years ago and is still standing to this day. When many people hear of China they think of the great wall.
These definitely look like statues of religious figures. They seem to have be made very carefully and precisely, too. I would imagine that the people in this region take religion very seriously so I have a feeling these are very important.
Hot tea is a very popular drink in China. If you've ever eaten at a legit Chinese restaurant, they typically serve you hot tea regardless of the season. Since authentic Chinese restaurants serve it, I'm going to take an educated guess and say that it holds an importance to the people from this region.
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