My exhibition of 'The High Seas' is inspired by the captivating and exquisite oceans that are found in our world today. Through this exhibit I have chosen artworks that portray the oceans that are established in many parts of the world. All these artworks vary between paintings, photographs, sculptures and amazing creations created by talented and extravagant artists. My theme represents the different types of oceans and what extraordinary creatures are found within our deep blue seas. I chose this topic as I believe the ocean is a special place for both animals and humans and the people, flora and fauna found on earth today would not be existing if we didn’t have all the oceans on our planet. All the artworks chosen in my gallery focus on the oceans, lakes, rivers and seas. ‘The Ninth Wave’ is an example of an artwork that I have chosen which portrays my exhibition. This artwork accommodates my theme as it focuses on the ocean. In this image we examine people on a small boat on looking a large wave that threatens to submerge them. ‘Ocean Lace’ is another example that fits and reflects my ocean theme as the beautiful sculpture reflects a tiny segment of a single-celled organism that was found by the artist herself while she was ‘beachcombing’. Britt Mikkelsen has taken this small fragment and reproduced it into a larger creation made out of clear acrylic and layers of white polyurethane. This sculpture was then further interpreted and was displayed in this years ‘Sculpture by the Sea’. I’d like to thank my sponsors Faber Castel and Artology for supporting my exhibition of ‘The High Seas’ and to all the composers of all the artworks and sculptures that were included in this exhibition.

This sculpture accommadates the Cultural Frame
This form of art corresponds the Subjective Frame
This piece of artwork conforms a Structural Frame
This artwork resembles a Post/Modern frame