Perspective in time

A chronological examination of the use of perspective in painting and how the thought of perspective has changed in that time.

In the image we can see an attempt at perspective but with this image it seems lore as a layering effect rather than that of one where there is a real since of blending in or depth to the image.
With this image we can see a considerable amount of perspective thought. But if you take a closer look at the tiling on the floor you can see that the squares stay about the same size.
In this view we begin to see a much better idea of perspective. The use of focal degradation helps with that illusion.
The use of fading color as well as the hilly landscape help to portray the illusion of depth and perspective.
Perspective in this piece is achieved by showing the change in proximity to the pillars and arches quite effectively. As well as focus detail on the floor tiling being reduced.
Size, color and focal degradation to create a form of depth and perspective.
This image is a great example of how structure and line work can create perpective. Even the shadow and highlights help to enhance this illusion of depth withing a flat surface image.
Another example of lines, shadows and the change of size to enhance perspective.
Looking at the shapes of the tiles on the floor as well as the size of the people you get a great since of perspective in the image. Even the curvature of the dome helps the illusion come to life.
The use of hard and soft accent lines within this image give a sense of depth and the pointing of the boats in the image help to give a good since of perspective depth in this image
The delicate line work of the trees in this image along with the darker and more dense strokes in the shadowing give a good since of perspective to this piece
The contrasting light paint color between the clouds and sea in this image portray a perspective depth to this image. As well as the small boat in the background.
The line work that these workers are creating get thinner creating a since of depth and perspective to the image. There is also a slight size change in the characters in the image.
The lines in the Image point down the road. giving one a perspective view of the road.
The brush strokes in the floor and along the bed seem to point into the distance. This seems to point to the perspective focal point.
Good use of color, landscape folding and decline in detail to show a good since of depth and perspective in the image.
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