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Raghuraj Singh hunting tigers Datia, (1800 AD - 1855 AD) Unknown This painting is very detailed and colorful and that's what caught my eye. The tigers are attacking an elephant but the people on top of the elephant are hunting the tiger. The blood contrasts heavily with the green and blue background making it standout.
The Cemetery around 1825 Caspar David Friedrich This piece is very mysterious. The mist makes it look like it belongs in a scary movie. All of the colors are dull and vibrant browns and the small amount of blue brings a little life to the piece. The lack of things shown within the gates leaves the viewer to guess what might be beyond.
Mujer delante de una ventana 1990 Fernando Botero This painting is interestingly abstract. It looks to me like it's challenging the common view of beauty. This naked woman is certainly very curvy and most people would not find her very attractive or beautiful at all which makes this piece unique.
This piece is very dark and beautiful. Although it is based on one dark, turquoise color, the multiple shades show depth. It is very realistic and at first I thought it was a photograph. It's dark and mysterious.
This painting shows a lot of dark shading and dark colors. Through this, you can see the texture of the brush but at the same time of the fair skin of the lady and horse hair. The bright white of the horses hair contrasts to show a form of light in the dark and the hero saving the helpless girl.
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