Passion in the Absence/Presence of Color

The color Black can be seen as either the absence or the presence of color. I'm passionate about the color black because of its diversity can lead to creative works of art.

Even though this piece only consists of blacks and some grays, you can still see the form (silhouette) trying to be built in the image.
I chose this because despite the very little use of colors and heavy use of black(shades of colors), this piece still manages to remain appealing and beautiful to the eye.
I chose this image because the artist strategically used a lot of black in the center of the image. Black is very eye-catching therefore he is forcing the viewer to plant their eyes on the woman.
Black can be used to symbolize death and it's very well fitting in this art piece as the lion kills and eats the horse.
Although black can represent death, so can red. This artist brought those two colors together to create an intense piece that not only represents death, but fear too.
Although it may not seem like it, black plays a huge role in this image. It's used to frame the woman and make her stand out from the background.
Despite black being a mortifying color, this artist used black to define the shapes of the petals and bring out the colors of the flowers - giving it life.
Black not only represents death but fear as well. In this image the eerie vibe given from the black used in the ocean and sky makes you feel fear and a sense of death.
In contrast, Black was used in this image to bring out a light and happy environment. The black used in this image provides a high contrast and intensifies the sunlight and colors being shown.
This image is interesting because flowers usually remind you of bright colors. However, making the petals black make it unique and pretty against the light green stem and leaves.
Black is also referred to as elegance and power. With the woman's stance and pitch blackness encompassing her, you get a strong sense of both power and elegance.
In this piece black was used you give definition to the man's figure and the folds of the clothing. Rather than using lines, shading in areas with black has given the image so much more depth.
Even though no facial expressions are seen, the heavy use of black around the entire image and in the frame shows that the is grief - another theme that black symbolizes.
Ultimately black paired a long with white can create a visually pleasing piece. Black and white photography is famous for changing our perspectives of atmosphere.