BY: Finley Bell                                                                  There are four parts of the the Era of Reform that I would like to discuss which include: Women's rights, Factory work, Education in the 1800's, and The Temperance Movement.

WOMENS RIGHTS In 1851, Elizabeth Cady Stanton started working with Susan B. Anthony, a well-known abolitionist. Anthony managed the business affairs of the women's rights movement while Stanton did most of the writing. The two women led the womens rights movement.
WORKERS RIGHS Factory work was huge in the 1800's and was where many women,men,and children worked, which was a big deal since women were allowed to work. But work hours where 12-14 hours and if you messed/were late you would be punished by having weights strapped to your body. Workers rights allowed people to always be working in decent and conditions that you could live in.
EDUCATION IN THE 1800's Before Horace Mann public education was horrible and nothing like today's! There were no solid reliable school schedules,there were only unqualified/uneducated teachers,and there was no school board. Horace Mann changed all of that. When he was a child his school was falling apart so Horace made some of the tax money to go to funding schools,he created a school board of which he was a secretary, and he got more educated people to teach schools. Thanks to Horace Mann people could get real education which would help them in life!
THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT Alcohol in the 1800's was growing popular because it tasted good to everyday working men and it made a lot of profit if you manufactured it. But alcohol was blamed for causing poverty,broken families,and wife's getting beaten. So Maine was the first state to ban manufacturing of it and the drinking of it and many states followed. But as time went on many states stopped the ban.
Reform is important because reform is change. Reform is change for the greater good! Without reform or the people who lead reform than bad things and bad ways of life continue to be accepted. We need reform because nothing is or ever will be perfect but that doesn't mean things can be bad or that we can accept life and give up on improving it. We need reform because it creates a more equal,fair,and balanced life for everything and everyone!
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