Hannah's organ museum 

I opened up my very own museum because many people are killing others so they can take ones kidney, lungs, etc... Some people are even putting their own bodies at risk to earn some cash. This is a very high problem through out the entire world. Enter my very own, Organ Museum made by me! Therefore I'll be explaining what my pieces of art means.

this picture shows how a man was taken advantage of and had his organs ripped out of him without a word or choice. This act is also known as illegal body organ traffic
This image represents dead. Why? Because the person's body organs had been stolen from him and its a tragic for his family members.Hence the two little boys surrounding him and mourning over his death
People are also willing to sell their eyeballs which is displeasing because they should appreciate having eyeballs I mean don't you want to see the world and all that fun stuff
A man is harshly killing someone else for their organs, to probably sell illegally. There's people selling body organs for higher prices, mainly in the high $100,000. This is called,"Black Marketing".
For example, recently there's been news about a 72 year old woman who passed away from lung cancer. When really, the children found out that a crematorium carved up her body secretly. Took everything
This is a picture of lungs. Illegally selling lungs are very popular,people who do so earn over $100,000. Heart,costs $119,000.Kidney, $262,000.There'll be people fighting for people's body parts
This signifies what people can look like once killed for organs.Even doctors are known to take advantage of patients during their surgeries. Doctors would tend to say,"Trust me, I'm a doctor" yeah ok
Peace is what we should have. Illegally selling organs can develop into a worse problem in the future. It's bad now,which is why people should start defending themselves. Ex;always carry pepper spray.
This picture indicates an example of a murderer that has taken place in Chicago. This man killed someone for their body parts. Why? So he can sell it on the black market for over $100,000.
this is how it most likely looks like when someone is murdering another person for their body parts. Its known that each hour, a boy part is illegal being sold.
there are slaves around the world who are having their own organs being taken out of them without their okay or consent. like what the heck man.
Although this isnt an accurate picture, people who have their organs removed end up with horrible scars and stitches that aren't very pleasant looking.
this is a picture of an innocent man dying because its proven that removing body parts can go incredibly WRONG so don't do it people just don't.
women around the world also sell their body parts for money. They sell eggs, breast milk, etc... Just so they can have some money. I mean cmon now there are other things to do like babysit.
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