Society's self in time

Inspired by Kafka, this exhibit explores individuals in three different lights and three forms of expression to brake the shackles that society has restrained on us or to follow the person in front of us. All of these pieces capture modern thought of the individual. As you move throughout the presentation as we all do throughout life, you'll see how we transform and express ourselves in different mediums. We all don't follow the exact same path. Each person has a similar, but essentially a different end to life as we all make choices daily. In reality, we all start the same and end the same. As you scroll through these works, try to identify yourself with them. Put yourself in the art to see if you're life is looking in a mirror. We all have so much time left, are you going to follow or be followed?

Don't be such a jackass! You're clearly out of place, said society with a smirk on it's face. We are all born into this world virtually the same. As technology may change the means as to how we are brought into this world, it all remains the same; one person in a sea of millions. The ocean surrounding the donkey represents this world and all of the people in it. Each person's path a little different from the next. It's a lot to absorb. When you step back and try to take it all in, you become overwhelmed. Like this body of water the donkey is floating on, society remains the same, but changes with time. Once you run off the beaten path a sense of isolation becomes your only feeling.
Since you learn not to stick out... Pick a face, any face! Under our skin is the influence of many others. Once we are born we are immediately given a name and a title with a piece of paper to match. We'll mimic others and adopt their traits. We'll be told what to do and how to do. It's not always a bad thing, but thats how bad habits can start to form. This person sits on a landscape that will never change. We are subject to nature's stagnant honesty. The canvass that human created will not always last. Eventually the colors will fade and the foundation will rot away. Knowing that this work will not always stay, the artist realizes that he will not always remain on this Earth either. We tend to cling to things while we are alive to make this journey more relatable and easier to swallow.
Now that you're not you, follow the heard! Its fun! From birth we are taught to follow. Even though we are compared to snowflakes, we all blend with the environment that we fall into. We have a different face than our neighbors and qualities that match the other. We follow the crowd to learn, to grow, to fit in. It makes sense to ride allow with those that have done it before, after all you do look up to them. It's an open field of endless possibilities and it all looks the same to you. The landscape which we travel through may change in appearance but is fundamentally the same.
That shit doesn't fly with Banksy! Not only is Banksy a graffiti artist but takes on the roll as a political activist, film director, and a painter. Unlike other famous street artists like Shepard Fairey and Mr. Brainwash, Banksy holds true to his roots refusing to sell or replicate his artwork. Street art now holds a special place in modern art. Like the political issues these murals attack, they fade with time on buildings created by man. We created political tension, we created political corruption, and we created political instability. This mural attacks the stereotype mocking women's rights and suggests we should just brush the issue under the rug. The wardrobe mimics the traditional belief that this issue holds showing it doesn't hold true throughout time. We as society cause these problems and allow them to happen. By illustrating them in the form of street art, the intention is to bring these issues to light for the public.
A fellow graffiti artist sees what Banksy sees. Although I do not agree with President Obama's terms in office, I agree with the message Shepard Fairey conveys. He uses his art like every other artist to convey a message. In this case it's purely political. The propaganda message represents the same "change" principle that Obama ran on. This was a time for our country to break the color barrier that lingered from slavery. I don't with those who came together to vote solely on color, but it was moving to see a community come together peacefully and overcome bigotry. The video I have included is a segment of a speech Obama gave which outlines his beliefs as a candidate. His goal as a candidate was to return to the ideals of Thomas Paine and the common sense mentality.
I knew it, graffiti isn't your style. As the world becomes flat, humanitarian equality and democracy finds its way into the hearts of the oppressed. In our life time we have already witnessed multiple accounts of revolution as this piece demonstrates in Edward Dwurnik's Revolution. Whether its Libya or the Ukraine, the color palate chosen in this artwork explains the harsh realities the citizens must endure. In the past artworks, we see normality and an individual melting into society. As a collective group, people tend to have a voice that is heard. When people feel oppressed there is a urning for change and democracy. True individualism shines through in this dark work. These individuals follow the same path but on the road towards a new found freedom.
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