Shape- This is shape because it has different shapes involved with it. It is organic shape because organic shapes are shapes that for the way that they want and it is not man made with a ruler.
Line- This is line because in the picture there is a picture inside of it that contains lines to make up a person. All of the lines are different sizes, and that is what makes lines, lines.
Form- This is form because you are able to walk on top of it and you can look at it from the top,bottom,or either side. This is why this picture is form.
Value- This is value because it goes from a really light color to a really dark color in a flash and that is what value is. This is why this piece of art is value.
Space- This piece of art represents space because it has air or space all around the vase, and it also has empty spots around the whole thing and is not filled in with anything. This is why this art piece is Space.
Texture- This piece of art contains texture because of how many patterns were used in this piece, it makes a lot of texture. This is the reason why this piece of art has texture.
Color- This piece of art is color because it has many different colors to it and also has some intensity to the red flowers in it. This is why this piece of art is color.
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