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This is a figure of the god Anubis, the son of Ra and god of mummifying. Mummifying was important to the Egyptians, and was used to help the spirit of a pharaoh or important person go into the afterlife.
Here is the head of Osiris, god of the underworld. The whole statue was probably kept in a temple and cared for by a priest daily.
This is the beard from a statue of a god. Priests would care for the god every morning. Their ritual would involve cleaning the statue, dressing it in linen clothes and offering food and prayers to it.
This is a statue of a scribe, who would record information. The scribes were of high ranking, though not as high as the priest. Scribes would learn over 700 characters.
These are hieroglyphics inscribed onto a clay tablet. They were probably written by a scribe. People think that these symbols have something to do with the harvest.
These are some hieroglyphics, also written by a scribe. These hieroglyphics have something to do with the pharaoh and water.
These are statues of Isis, Horus, Osiris, and Bast under a scarab beetle. Isis is the goddess of health. Osiris is the god of the underworld. Horus is the god of the earth and sky. Bast is the goddess of warfare.
This is a Scarab ring, probably worn by a pharaoh. Note the gold. The scarab beetle was considered sacred.
This amazing item is a silver ring of Ramesses the fourth, a pharaoh of Egypt. Pharaohs were very wealthy, so they could afford to have such luxuries.
This is a signet ring. The ring would be coated with hot wax, then stamped onto a message on papyrus. The wax seal would bear the owner's name in hieroglyphics.
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