3rd quarter Project 

By, Cassidy Hahn and Reed Gershenson

This man looks dignified, powerful, and strong. This painter reveals that society looks at men as strong, leaders, and superior. Vittore Carpaccio is a Venetian painter of the Venetian school.
The men appear comfortable in their own body, athletic and strong. This painting reveals that society was not ashamed of the male body. Baccio Bandinelli was a Renaissance Italian sculptor.
The men appear to look intelligent, confident, and serious. This suggests that society views men as intelligent men, who are scholars. Christian Schussele was a American Artist.
The men appear well dressed, sad, and angry. This suggests that society view men as destitute and unable to be successful. Hinko Smrekar was a painter in Venice and was born in July of 1883.
This man looks serious, dignified, and tired. This suggests that society views men as important figures but they are tired from the stress of life. William Orpen was a Irish artist who drew soldiers.
This woman looks like she is serious, solemn, and dignified. The shows that society expects woman to act a certain way and fit specific standards. Petrus Christus was an Early Netherlandish painter active in Bruges from 1444.
This woman looks comfortable with her body. Society sees the body as beautiful are artistic. Giovanni Bellini was an Italian Renaissance painter, probably the best known of the Bellini family of Venetian painters.
She looks confident in herself, and at ease. This reveals that society views the women as objects that meant for men's viewing pleasure. She also looks extremely feminine in her posture and the way she is laying. Edouard Manet was a 19th century painter that was one of the first to paint everyday life.
In this painting, the women looks solemn, dignified, and reserved. The women has feminine features such as a thin nose and rosy cheeks implying that society believes women should look like "women". Eustatiu Stoenescu was an Romanian painter known for portraits.
This women looks determined, hard-working, and strong. The women looks capable and independent showing that society has began to view women as able to perform tasks otherwise given to men. Diego Rivera was a Spanish painter that helped shaped Mexican art.
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