honor code: "I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work"  Olivia Bockenstedt

The artist uses thin, light lines in this work. They also show texture in the frogs bumpy, rough looking back. Lastly uses dotted and curvy lines on the frogs back.
The artist uses mostly pastel colors on the painting. we can tell by looking closely that the texture is rough. The artist uses thin lines and the work has a peaceful appearance
The artist uses shapes in this abstract painting. They also include primary colors in the work. the artist uses only straight lines.
The artist uses texture in this painting to make the moon appear bumpy. He or she also uses many bright vivid colors close together so they look like one shade from far away. Lastly the artist even creates shadows on the bumps to make the painting look 3 dimensional.
The artist only uses the darkest value, and the lightest value, no in between. The artist uses mostly straight lines with a single curve in the middle.
Credits: All media
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