The Art Of Basketball

By:Dexter Siner

I choose to use this picture of Michael Jordan in my gallery because he was on of the best basket players in NBA History.
I used this image by Rosa Serra to reflect on the 1985 Olympics basketball games.
This picture to me represents how basketball was becoming a top sport across the world.
Once again one of the best players to ever play the game of basketball in the NBA Wilt Chamberlain.
This image shows how the game of basketball was something the kids would play in 1984.
I love how the artist uses the graffiti and the street basketball goal to show the roots of the sport.
I found this Art work very cool. I like how the image of the man dribbling the basketball pops out.
I used this Art work of graffiti as my last picture to further more represent where the game of basketball most became famous.
Credits: All media
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