The early church

These pictures are of the early church and the people in the early church.

This is what a early church might have looked like.
This is Jesus washing the apostles feet showing selflessness.
This is Jesus Christ appearing to the apostles after his resurection
the apostle paul was an amazing apostle who started out killing christans and in the end ended up becoming a apostle and turning many people to Christ.
This is the crucifiction of the apostle Peter. He wanted to be crucified upside down so he would not be crucified the same way as Jesus Christ.
St. Lawrence is a marter in the early church. Also is what the amazing house of Lawrence at redeemer christan school is named after.
This is the martyrdom of St. sebastisn
These are the 40 martyrs of Sebasteia.
This is the martyrdom of St. Livinus
This is the martyr Tarcisius
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