War propaganda

World War I propaganda from different countries. Mainly includes drafting and mobilization posters.

Displays the bribes used in order to draft men for war. Free items were very attractive to people in the time period.
America was not the only country who needed troops. Propaganda varied depending on each country.
Another poster using the bribing tactic. Uses words like "unique" in order to make people want to take them up on their offer.
The king represents the country, so people will want to fight for him. Shows how nationalism was a huge catalyst for those thinking about fighting for the country.
Uses integrity as a reason for men to enlist in the army. "Your uniform and accouterments are waiting for you", makes it seem as though fighting for ones country is a duty, not just about morals.
Propaganda targeted at women. Even though men were the only ones who could fight in the war, women were pushed to assist in any way they could.
Makes it seem as though enlisting in the army was the right choice. By singling out the reader of the poster, it makes them feel as though enlisting in the army is the moral thing to do.
Another poster targeted toward women. Women couldn't fight, by they were highly encouraged to support the war and do everything they could to help out.
By using the father-daughter theme it makes the reader of the poster want to join the war in order to tell their kids about how they did the right thing and fought for their country.
Displays a lot of nationalism by mentioning the King. Also, it says, "Join the army until the war is over" which encourages people to stick with and fight for their country until the very end.
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