Nature Gallery

Since I am a photographer during my free time, I noticed that I love shooting nature. These 10 photographs stood out, when I was browsing through the collections. I gave a minor description and thoughts on each of the photographs.

This was the first artwork that caught my attention. The mountains always gives me a relief feeling. I really liked the way the clouds look like they're almost touching the mountains.
This photo is absolutely breath taking. It was shoot in Switzerland, and I believe it shows a piece of the country's beauty. I hope to be able to visit this land mark someday.
This photo really reminded me of the fall seasons. The colors give that autumn feel. I also really like the sunshine and clear skies.
This artwork was really creative and beautiful. At first glance, I could already tell it was an Asian piece. There is something about the tree, that signifies new beginnings, in my opinion.
I like this piece, because it doesn't seem like a Brazilian type of artwork. I could tell that the piece had to be done around the early 1900s and has an ancient feel to it. The garden looks beautiful
There's something about Cathedrals that always capture my attention. I also like how the artist decided to make this artwork black and white. It has a haunting feeling to it, which makes it stand out.
Venice has always been a place where I plan to travel. Although, this artwork was in 1760, I love how it shows a bit of history. I hope to visit sometime soon.
I'm from Atlanta, and this photography reminded me go home. I like how raw and grungy this photography looks. It gives a glimpse of the city life.
This photo shows a lot of history in ancient Greece. I grew up learning about it, because my mom had a fascination. I like how people were in incorporated to give it a more historic feel.
This photography was my favorite, because I love the amount of trees. It reminded me of my backyard. I also noticed the small flowers in the front. It's a very simplistic photograph.