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In my gallery you will see the art work i like. I picked these paintings because i felt it had a meaning or purpose or was trying to make a statement. Also in my gallery i will be telling you the elements in my art work.

In this painting there are some positive shapes and those are the people and the mountains. Theres also some negative shapes and thats more of the ground and sky. Theres some rectilinear shapes for mountains, ground, and people. Also for the ground and mountains they could be considered as geometric shapes
In this painting the positive shapes are the people and maybe the light coming out from behind them. theres a some straight bold or wide lines. Also theres some curvilinear lines and shapes. That is their hair and them people their self. This painting has more of and organic shape going on. You cans see this because the people look round and natural.
In the piece the people would be considered the first positive shapes and then the house and trees. The houses and people are more of a rectilinear shape. this piece has mostly organic shapes.
In this panting there are a lot of curvilinear and organic shapes. I say this because of the way the dogs, plants, and people are shaped at look. THeres not a lot of negative shapes in this painting its mostly positive.
This art work has mostly negative shapes and rectilinear. This painting is very empty theres not to much going on. But you can say they people are a geometric shape
This is another dual painting theres not much going on. There are some geometric shapes like in the chair. Its mostly negative shapes.
In this painting there a lot going on every where. Its curvilinear shapes in what a pears to be water. Also some rectilinear shapes all over. Theres geometric shapes i do see any organic shapes. There also no negative shapes except in the top left hand corner.
In this photo theres curvilinear shapes on the painting on the wall. Its organic shapes. With a positive background.
This is curvilinear with geometric shapes and a negative background.
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