The Back - jihyung kim

This gallery consists of paintings on which people’s back is drawn, which tell us human’s melancholiness. Sometimes, people’s back tells us more things than front. And we can find our melanchonliness from other people’s back on the painting. No one likes to be melancholy; it is not a pleasant experience. However, many artists faced with that feeling and because of their courage, we can be touched by their works. 

Contrary to normal portrait, which focus on beauty of a person, the artist boldly drew a woman’s back at the center of the painting. We have to think about her look, because we can’t see her face and, from it, we are able to look deeply into ourselves. In the painting, she seems exhausted, so she can’t even dress up. What makes her so tired? It can be the world or her ambition. Moreover, color and lines are blurry, so it stimulates our imagination as well.
The woman who shows her back is still sitting on the chair, even though the show is over. She is just looking at a meaningless brochure. She doesn’t even wear her jacket when last two audiences are about to leave. The artist emphasizes severance of human relationship through dispersed people’s sight. Also, the artist divided the painting exactly into left and right, so it shows disconnection from the world in the woman’s perspective.
This painting expresses a girl entering at the circus rings with her horse. Contrary to her bright blue dress, the audience are roughly colored with dark black. As a result of this contrast, we can find the girl who has to face with harsh world. Her dark shadow is chasing her back.
The girl is leaning on the window. Even though we can’t see her face, we can guess her feeling in this painting. The color of room is pretty same as her dress. They are very dark and dull, and do not have any accessory. The scenery from the window, on the other hand, was painted with very bright color. And there is a boat right in front of her. Thus, I can expect her depressed feeling like that she hopes to leave with boat but she has no choice but to be stuck in the room.
The man is standing with his back in front of solemn sea. In this painting, there is nothing but sky, ocean, beach and the man. The man is painted so small; it almost looks like small dot in the large world. And this emphasizes the loneliness of human. However, the man is the only vertical line in this picture and it expresses the man’s will to fight with harsh waves from the world.
The most significant impression of this painting is contrasting colors used in man and woman. There is the woman who is staring at the sea with white dress and the man who is dark as ground and standing behind the woman. We can’t see their face, so it stimulates our imagination. They are in the same place but they can’t get close to each other. So it is lonelier than to be alone.
The woman is sitting at the shore comfortably. But the color of the shore is so bright and strong, so it emphasizes shade on her back. Furthermore, the color contrasts between ocean and the shore, which makes the ocean more dark and scary. Even though she is sitting in front of the dark ocean, she seems philosophical.
In this painting, the artist didn’t use any bright colors, so it enhances gloomy vibe. There are two women bending her backs at the heath. The colors of sky, ground and women are dark. We don’t know that it’s morning or night but the cart is empty. So, they are probably going to keep working for a while. What can be different between those two women’s back view and back views of ourselves in the office?
This painting describes the loneliness of city very well. There is no one at the street and every store is closed. And the artist didn’t use much color to describe street. So we can easily focus on the main character in this painting. At the center of the painting, we can see our main character who shows his back to audiences. Because he show his back, we can easily sympathize his loneliness. We can discover ourselves from his back.
Contrary to other pictures in this gallery, this picture has bright and beautiful atmosphere. The flowers are in full bloom on the hill and the sunlight is shining. Also there is beautiful girl standing in front of a man. However, the man is just sitting on the chair apathetically. He doesn’t care about beautiful scenery in front of him. The great weather and scenery just make him lonelier.
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