Kayla's Egpytian Art Gallery 

Egyptian art is elaborating. It was decorated highly because it was made with rare materials. Each carving into this piece symbolizes something else. Or something new that happened.
The East Greek Faience Alabastron is a vase like sculpture. It has different animals on it to represent something different each time.The 2 middle rows are for decorations and the other rows actually mean something. I was influenced by the melting pot.
The Head and Torso of a King is a stone piece. Its Wearing a names with uraeus. It was found in Egypt. It was made during the Old Kingdom.
The frog was created Between (ca. 1390- 133 B.C.E.). The base of the piece was made to be a square. The Eyes in high relief covered with Manganese. It was also created during the New Kingdom.
The Cippus of Horus on the Crocodiles was created in the 3rd century B.C.E. The Medium of the piece is Steatite.It is sculpture that is Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund. It was also made during the New Kingdom.
Credits: All media
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