clarity in Abstraction

This gallery includes many different types of abstract art which each has its own unique style and feeling to it, with some depicting a place while other depict a feeling, but all being absolutely amazing.

This piece includes many bright vibrant colors and evokes a sense of childish play and beauty.
The blues in this piece give a feeling of sadness occasionally broken by soft yellows.
This piece has a very cosmic feel to in, making you feel as though you are in space.
This piece looks as if something is burning in an emotional sense such as burning desire or passion.
This piece with its bright blues and tree looking objects evokes a feeling of winter with snow on the ground.
This piece titled "Autumn" seems to represent fall with its orange colors, and the winter looming overhead with its icy whites.
This piece seems to depict candles on a wall and gives a feeling on tranquility.
This piece almost looks like it could be a maze of different colors you can get lost in.
This piece with its various blues interrupted by some reds looks like shards of glass sticking up from the ground like a crystal metropolis.
This piece has smooth curves and has a very metallic and futuristic feel to it making it feel like a futuristic space port.
Credits: All media
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