John Wilkes Booth - (Kenneth Reed)

The images you will be observing in my gallery are catered around John Wilkes belongings as well as a viewing of a photo of the assassinations of President Lincoln. These items of John Wilkes Booth are a big importance of how Mr. Booth stayed organized and what he would carried. I get a chill looking at this images knowing that this items belonged to the killer of our 16th President. Granted I was not born during the time of Lincoln's term in office, I have always liked him as a president. This event was huge at the time and really a big part of history as Lincoln was the first president to be assassinated. This event was definitely one to remember.  

This drawing shows the event of Lincoln assassination from John Wilkes Booth. The colors used in the drawing show a dark time. The details used on the people faces being shocked and scared.
The green slips of paper you see here are the tickets used to entered Ford Theatre for a live performance. This event was packed out; while having a huge guest being Abraham Lincoln attending. The lay out of this ticket is simple and to the point giving the basic information it needs. I think the color green is interesting but I get it too. That color is something different that will stand out and be seen as a ticket.
This weapon was used by John Wilkes Booth that would changed history. Mr. Booth used this .44 caliber pistol to kill Abraham Lincoln. The detail on the handle of this gun is really awesome. The time spent in the the detail just for a gun shows personalization.
This is John Wilkes Booth Diary. It was used to make appointments and to plan things out that basically told a story of his life. This book told us all about Mr. Booth himself. The rugged look from this dairy is really cool. The way the inside of this book is laid out was impressive for this time. From having a pencil holder and cards.
John Wilkes Booth was carrying this whistle on him during the assassination of the Abraham Lincoln. It was used for communication. Each whistle meaning a signal of communication. The simple design in for this whistle is really nice. Having a loop to add a string to hang it adds the completion of this piece.
This is a set of keys John Wilkes Booth owned. It was recovered after the killing and capture of the 16th president. The keys from today are way more different. I think this is cool how the cut out and quality of the keys then was way more simple then todays.
This compass owned by John Wilkes Booth was used to escape on horseback after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The compass detail is very neat and clean. I like the, what looks like a bird insided.
This is a switchblade knife owned by John Wilkes Booth. This was used as evidence during his trial from the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The design on the handle was very neat and added texture.
This are the boots John Wilkes Booth was wearing during the night of the assassination. Design wise it is very simple and just to be worn feel. This was a common look in this time period. You can see the rough outside as being a everyday worn boot that has been through a lot. this adds its own character.
This spur was removed from John Wilkes Booth so he can be treated to his leg he hurt from the assassination. I always found spurs interesting. Everyone had a different, providing there own taste in personalization. The one Mr. Booth had was very simple and nothing to crazy about it.
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