I chose this piece of art because elephants are my number one obsession. One thing that stood out to me on this elephant is how much detail was put into it. All the different carvings whether it was lines or shapes. One carving that really stood out was the little tree carving near the bottom middle part of the elephants stomach. I thought that was very unique.
At a quick glance I thought this was a photo of a rug. Taking a closer look I realized it was a building. One thing that really stood out to me in this piece of art was the combination of colors. The mixture of the pastel and bold colors really bring out the abstract picture. Another thing that stood out to me after realizing this was the side of the building is that this building had absolutely no windows. Very unusual.
Although this is a black and white picture from the late 1980s-1990s it caught my attention. If I could go back to any time frame it would be the late 1980s because I just love the whole old fashioned, vintage feel. All the ladies dressed and carried themselves so elegantly.
The golden cup not only caught my attention because it was shiny but also because of its great detail. If you look closely you can see the design of the cup has carved steams, flowers, and leaves. Also, depending on where the light hits the cup you can see different colors in the gold whether the color is red, green, or yellow. It is a very beautiful piece of art.
I specifically chose this picture because it reminds me of my favorite plantation home I visited in New Orleans this summer, The Oak Alley Plantation. The oaks in this picture bring a peaceful evening light as the sun begins to set just the same way they did at the Oak Alley Plantation.
This is an abstract picture. Personally my favorite kind of art because it has more of a contemporary, modern feel for it. The combination of colors really caught my attention. The artist went from very vibrant bright colors to a bold black and the rest of the art is left white. I thought this was very unique thing about the picture.
When I first looked at this picture I did not really see anything. After taking a closer look I can see there is a violin and notes painted in an abstract form. I automatically fell in love with this piece of art because I am a very artistic person myself because I play violin. I felt like I could relate to this picture in many ways.
Beautiful.. Look at how much detail was put into this dress.There is much elegance in this one dress. For example, the three-quarter sleeves, the length of this dress, the flower print on this dress. The work people have put into these dresses back in the day was incredible.
I chose this work of art because it reminds me of where I am from Pensacola, Florida. Did you know that Pensacola has some of the whitest beaches in the world? These two shells bring back so many of my Florida beach memories. The artist of this photo did a great job with the details. For example, the backdrop really stood out to me. Instead of the artist just doing a plane white backdrop she added a lot of texture and shadows to add more detail.
This tray caught my attention because we have a similar one at home. My parents brought ours from Russia and because my roots are Russian it really touched my heart. The painting on this tray reminds me of a Russian style. Because in Russia it is very popular to paint fruits and flowers on a black surface, mostly wooden dishes or toys for children. This tray is very beautiful and can be used for just about anything.
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