"Not Art" - Aly Killian

Often written off as criminal mischief, these pieces are found on street corners and buildings all over the world. Some of them instigate the investigation of current events and issues, others simply beautify the neighborhood. 

This is a dove painted on a building in baltimore. Doves often symbolize peace. The dove is sitting in a hand. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. The bird is looking over to the hand.
This is a lion painted on a building in baltimore. It also has the leo constellation painted over it. The leo constellation is a lion. The artist used a lot of grey and blues. The lion is looking at the viewer.
This is a picture of graffiti showing in the Museum of public Art in Berlin. It looks like a man with clown makeup on his face with an astonished expression. The piece was found on the Berlin wall.
This is a cave man holding what looks like a happy meal. He has a bone in his hand and is turned towards the viewer. He has a bewildered expression on his face and stands in contraposto.
This is a construction worker working on a house that looks like a child's drawing. A child stands by and watches. The child looks a bit confused. The crayon in her hands reveals her being the house' artist.
This is a rat in a military uniform. He is using a spray can but is looking the opposite way from where he is spraying. Red paint is coming out of the spray can. The rat is made with black paint.
This is police officers. The look like they are the same sex. They are embracing each other. They are also kissing. The police officer has a baton. They are both wearing hats. They have pants on.
This is two faces painted on a wall looking up. The colors are mostly blue. The face on the left has a lot of purple colors on it. The face on the right has a lot of greens. They are purples and greens faces.
This is an owl with fancy eyebrows. The colors here are also very blue. The composition looks like a centralized image. The owl has yellow eyes. The style of the eyebrows is a little bit swirly. He looks like he is thinking.
A military guy kneels with a riffle in his hands ready to fire. A child stands behind and watches with a bag in one hand ready to pop. The mans hat has a pattern on it and the child looks excited.
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