Men and women through the ages

Lauren LaBruna & Kate Meyer

This woman looks powerful and intellectual. I think this painting reveals the regalia of society and how women were expected to present themselves. I can tell, the artist admires the beauty women
This portraits depicts the regality of a Genoese Lady. This woman is extremely prim and proper. She looks extremely powerful and I believe that society views women as empowering in this picture. The artist Anton van Dyck has his paintings on display in Berlin.
This portrait depicts a woman, who appears to be stern in complexion. I believe that this shows that women are seen in more serious ways. The jasmine flower she is holding in her hand adds sweetness to the photo.
This photo is so sweet yet leads us to believe that the woman is up to something. She is modeling herself for the portrait and that shows that women are beautiful, and should be captured and shared. Raimundo was a Spanish painter from the 19th century.
This portrait makes the woman look extremely regal, powerful, and sets an example for society. This reveals that women are powerful and well mannered. The artist is Sir Thomas Lawerence and this painting was actually completed by his studio assistant.
This woman looks silly, exciting, personable. I think this photo is extremely interesting because it depicts our world's depiction of women. Honestly, not too serious and silly in so many ways. This was taken by Sandy Gutkowski and shown in the Delhi Photo Festival.
This image shows two men robed in furs and fine clothing, surrounded by geographic and cultural materials. These men seem in command of the world. They have prestige, wealth, and power. Society at this time was expanding into new colonies, and this painting showed man to be the “steward” of the world. Hans Holbein the Younger was a great German and Swiss portraitist.
This study examines the human body of two men. They seem relaxed and vibrant. This glorifies man as a work of art in himself. Bandinelli was in competition with Michelangelo, and likely studied the beauty of the body as he did
This image is of two young boys, hand in hand. They look humble. This shows how they, although young, are stewards of the world. In Homer’s time, Americans were expanding West and cultivating the land, and this is what these boys are poised to do.
In Fetti’s Baroque time, art and education were important in culture. This man looks pensive and intelligent. This reflects how man was the pioneer of art in the 17th century
Sher-Gil’s portrait reflects a model man of today’s culture. He is rugged and has the strength of youth. However, he looks a little bit lost, perhaps in thought. This could suggest that society may praise a handsome physicality, but this man is searching for something deeper. Sher-Gil was a female Indian artist and may have seen this image in unfamiliar Europe.
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