Anayansi's shape gallery

Showing the different variety of shapes in visual arts. 

I observe many distinctive organic shapes with neutral colors that make certain shapes pop out more than others.The picture also has many curves so it has curvilinear shapes.
This artwork has a main focus and it involves the shape of the womans head. The moment you view the picture you see the shape of the head. But the background is the negative of the picture.
This artwork shows rectilinear shape. It has series of straight neat lines (the outline of the buildings) as well as having corners (on the roof tops).
This artwork shows geometric shapes. There's different styles of curves to make the picture a whole. The light blue work is the center of attention. The light colored shapes have their own pattern.
This artwork shows organic shape. The artwork is more natural since plants are involved. THis artwork can give off a happy energy or a calm one.
This artwork shows non-objectives shapes. The shapes in this picture are not "perfect" like the circles. And the lines aren't straight, just a bit wavy.
This artwork shows representational shape. The bird may represent calmness and peacefulness. The bird also has texture to it since it's a sculpture. The patterns are also unique.
This artwork demonstrates high definition. The colors to this image are very vivid and brings an energetic vibe to the viewer. The hot pink pops out the most against the black and white background.
This artwork represents abstract. There's several different tones from the color blue. Some lines catches the eye than others.
This artwork shows low definition. The soft edges from the trees and the colors used to make this art bring off a calm vibe.