The Old and the new

Showings of artworks from graffiti and new modern artworks.

This type of art I really like because it reminds me of the ancient artworks at the mayan ruins.
Soccer is my favorite sport and looking at this reminds me of when I played with my cousins at the beach.
I like the mixture between the modern man and the ancient artwork.
I like the texture that this art presents. Again, this reminds me of ancient Mayan art. The colors used make this piece one of my favorites.
I like looking at spherical art and the white panels make this look really awesome.
A very technological piece that I like. Looking at the colors makes me feel a lot more safer.
This piece shows me how that we can be able to paint whatever at any place at anytime.
I like this piece because it rows up the colors of the rainbow. Nice and simple to the point.
I like this one because it has a that feeling where I can be there to see these pictures on the wall.
From a distance, this piece looks like a pattern used for blankets and other pieces of cloths. The colors as well make this very attractive.
I like this piece because it reminds me of a rock. Slowly breaking down until its gone.
A piece I enjoy looking at mainly because all the colors used are all mashed out within the circle.
I like this piece because of how simple it looks and I like to have pictures frames of my old artworks in my room.
This piece is also a favorite of mine because it gives off a dark feel and takes place within New York, a place where I would like to explore when I travel.
A very and long and colorful street art. I like this one because of the textures given within the hands. The way the eyes at the top look remind of the cat from Alice in Wonderland.
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